libxml-ruby vs nokogiri vs hpricot

Update: Aaron told me that he is going to be re-running the benchmarks this weekend so we’ll get a more complete set of data from the machine that originally ran the tests.

If you’re into parsing XML or HTML with ruby then chances are you’re familiar with the various gems out there for getting the job done.  Lately, there have been a lot of things flying around about which is the fastest and to settle it, Aaron Patterson (author of Nokogiri and Mechanize) wrote a test suite.

After it’s release, RubyInside posted about how the tests showed how fast Nokogiri was compared to Hpricot in this article here: Ruby XML Performance Shootout: Nokogiri vs LibXML vs Hpricot vs REXML.  Later in the day, I saw Why’s posting about the release of Hpricot here: hpricot 0.7 and decided to modify Aaron’s tests to use Hpricot.XML and here are the results:
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PatrickTulskie – Now More Mobile!

If you read my site from your Blackberry or iPhone then try pointing your browser at

This is powered by Mobi which basically takes the RSS feed from my site and parses it into a normally readable page.  This works pretty good on iPhones and Blackberries but I would imagine that it will be just fine on even your normal cellphone.  It took me like 1 minute to setup my site so if you’ve always wanted the then here is an easy way for you to do it.

I think I might need to write some logic in the back end to redirect viewers to the mobile site if I detect they are browsing from a mobile browser.  Hmm.  That’s a post for another time I suppose.

Please note: I am not affiliated with this service at all.

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Well I had a smooth upgrade to Wordpress 2.6.  No problems.  I also changed themes at the same time.  Not entirely sure if I like this or not.  The Hemmingway stuff from the previous one was pretty awesome.  Maybe I’ll try to combine to two into a super theme of sorts.  For now this one will stay though because it feels more readable and comfortable.

Like it?  Loathe it?  Tell me.

Update 7/15/2008:
I was informed today by James Januszka ( that if you were not logged into the site and you tried to view a full article that it would not work properly.  I apologize for that and spent some quality time with the theme working out what was going on.  Apparently there was a missing close div tag.  The author of the theme still denies that there was a bug and insists it is a conflict with plugins in Wordpress.  If anyone is looking to use “Hello :D” and needs the fix, let me know.

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UPDATE: I had taken this down since I didn’t want to blow my cover but it looks like they realized I was onto their game.  I believe this company that has contacted me is actually just trying to screw people in other countries out of money by threatening them with fake companies.  If that’s not the case and they are reading this then I’d like to see some proof otherwise.  The rest of the emails will come shortly when I have time.

I know.  I know.  There are plenty of questions going through your head right now upon reading the title of this… How could this possibly happen?  Why do they want some Irish/Polish mixed name?  Don’t they have enough to do with the Olympics this year?  How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie pop?

Well, I’m as bewildered as you are.  Let me start at the beginning since it was only this morning and I am pretty sure I can re-count it.

I woke up to my blackberry going off next to me for an emergency email.  No one sends me emergency emails, with the exception of the Chinese government, so naturally I had a look see.  I skimmed it quickly and determined it could wait until morning because they did not say anything about me needing to wake up immediately and get dressed.

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